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* i can help MOMS
  miacarmel - 01/11/18 20:50
  hi i recently took test pass with high score . i struggle a lot with this exam being a MOM . so any ladies specially moms need help feel free to ask me .Thanks  
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  cardio69 - 01/11/18 21:06
  Nice:) mia.
Hope you are doing well.
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  miacarmel - 01/11/18 21:38
  heii i always remember you @cardio69 hope you well too  
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  mabelrodriguez - 01/11/18 23:15
  Hi Mia. Congrats!! So happy for you!
I'm on the same boat trying to give my test next month so any help/advise will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know how I can contact you.
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  miacarmel - 01/11/18 23:22
  if you hv any difficulties you can ask here so every body can be benefited ( most of the people we have same problem ) or if you want some thing ask me privately then i can give you my email or sky pe too.  
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  mabelrodriguez - 01/11/18 23:29
  Any advise you have it will be helpful.
Maybe what resources you use to prepare, how many hours a day you study and how long took you to get ready
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  miacarmel - 01/11/18 23:36
  ok i dedicate my soul my each breath . i am the type of person nothing comes to me easily untill i crash my life . i study for long time . at the end of journey i became bored i just wanted to give exam . well some people waste time on percentage of u w bla bla bla . you ask yourself in front of mirror what is your concept as a physician . Just think abt a physician . obviously ethics is very difficult to answer that is absolutely common sense luck what ever you say . study hour when my son remain in school and when he sleeps . i did not sleep at night .  
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  mabelrodriguez - 01/11/18 23:40
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  tchops - 01/12/18 09:45
  Hi many hours did you sleep?...Iam a full time mom with 2 kids ..I study mostly during the time my kids are at school...but sometimes there is tonnes of household work to do...i try studying at night but after 9pm just feel drained out.. plus if you don't sleep 7hours at night how do you manage kids and study the next day?...any suggestions i have to get up at 5 each morning max 5:30 as my husband leaves at 6 am..advice...  
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  angel_6789 - 01/13/18 11:43
  hi can you tell me more about your journey through these tough usmle exams and finally getting in to residency. can you give us more insight. Being an old graduate its very hard to be more optimistic abt getting in to residency. some times it feels like is it all worth or is it a dead end.  
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* Re:i can help MOMS
  miacarmel - 01/13/18 13:42
  I dont know rest of the people but this journey takes away all happiness of my life . i cant adjust time , cooking , cleaning . take care of son and the exam load . it gives me so pain . i feel if there is some one to guide me . YES then i can save some time . but i am here to help you . this days just a busy . if you are interested i can come to talk with you in sky pe . No worry / just keep going .  
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