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* Study partner
  alihaddad - 01/12/18 00:18
  Looking for ck study partner in texas  
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* Giving ck IN 3 MONTHS
  sja - 01/12/18 05:13
  I have just finished with step 1 and want to start preparing for CK now. I am looking to give the exam in end of April. Can you please help me with the best resources to be used during this period?

I have not heard much about kaplan videos and there are mixed reviews on kaplan notes. What about Step up to medicine and MTB and onlinemed videos? Somebody please help!
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* Re:Study partner
  alihaddad - 01/12/18 17:45
  i will be happy to help you
i really donnot use kaplan lectures inspite i have them
i used kaplan videos for gyne and obsterics
and for paediatrics too
i use mtb2 for internal medicine
and mtb3 for the others like gyn and surgery and psychiatry and pediatrics
but really i donnot like it so much
so i start use u world as many people said it is the best resource for ck .if u have more questions contact me>>
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* Re:Study partner
  minu26 - 01/14/18 14:48
  hi i m looking for the study partner for ck. my skype id is minu26.  
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