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  varshith - 07/09/18 15:53
  Hi there, i ve been a long time lurker, in this forum, for better or worse the experiences always gave me an insight into the exams and flared up my anxiety about my performance, so take this with a grain of salt, this is my take on the exam. worked for me and i hope it works for you if you choose to imitate it.

i am an IMG btw XD i guess you can tell .. otherwise i wouldn't be so excited right ?

anyhow, so what i wanted when i was studying is a simple plan, much like the UFAP thing in step 1, so i set off in a similar fashion, i watched all kaplan vids cause screw them notes, too long and too complex for my taste. i annotated the whole thing of MTB3 by the end it was full of coffee stains here and there with pretty much no space to write on. at the same time i did kaplan tutor mode qbank (86%) untimed. then i got into the same step 1 routine : wake up, read 25 pages of MTB, Uworld qbank till end of day, rinse and repeat til the end of the month. did two UWSA and they were hella predictive for me (267,269) no NBME .. too anxious for that as i knew it underpredicts and i wasn't about to bum myself out u know.

travelled to the local test center, woke up next day. did the test, took my entire brake time as i read somewhere (no extra points for finishing early, so why not use ur break time) so i did XD used every single moment and finished with no time to spare.

i d say the exam felt horribly difficult after i finished it. but needless to say i am beyond myself about the score. shoutout to everyone reading this topic and is about to take the test. here is my advice to you is take some of that imodium, take a prophylactic paracetamol, and be ready with a double shot espresso if you're the sleepy kind. and oh may the odds forever be in your favor !!!

wish me luck on the step 2 cs venture .. and fml them 9 hour exams are going to be the end of me
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