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* Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  booky - 07/11/18 05:51
  I need some advice. I just finished NBME 6 for CK and I got a 10! I didn't even know it was possible to get that. I am very disappointed and disheartened and I almost want to quit. Any advice on how to proceed or how long to study before taking another NBME? My initial plan was to take the exam at the end of September but that does not seem possible now  
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  alirocumab - 07/11/18 13:14
  If you were even random guessing, then by the pure chance alone you should have gotten something above 50-60 at least. I have heard someone got 10 but only because they bought an nbme, never really opened it, it expired and gave them a score of 10.

You are are most likely a troll. Get a better hobby.
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  booky - 07/11/18 16:32
  @alirocumab . Maybe you could post your email so I can send a Screenshot? It's easy to sit behind a keyboard and be mean and inconsiderate. It's often wiser to keep quiet if you don't have anything nice to say. Have a great day Mr/Miss troll detector, guardian of threads.  
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  bbb2 - 07/12/18 01:51
  Hi Booky,

ignore the other person who posted, dont need to pay attention to mean people.

As far as your test, I had the same goal and got a similar score. That means that our foundation isn't great, and i decided to try something new. I was using FA for CK and Uworld only. After that exam I started using online meded videos because if we are scoring that low then we need to try something different is what i feel.

What resources were you using before?
Just keep at it, dont quit, and we will make it to the finish line :)
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  booky - 07/12/18 04:06
  Hi bbb2,

Thank you for your reply.
So far, I have been using kaplan lecture notes and videos and also their qbank. I planned on doing online meded, MTB, and UWorld after and I decided to take an NBME to see where I was and got hit with that score. I am thinking I have to start fresh and push the exam indefinitely
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  alirocumab - 07/12/18 07:08
  Hey, my apologies. Didn't mean to be mean or attack you. I seriously thought you were troll because lately this site is full of those.

Maybe CK scoring on nbmes is different. Are you sure you are not making a typo? Do you actually mean 10? Maybe it is 100 or 110?

Either way, good luck and sorry for intrusion.
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  bbb2 - 07/12/18 11:52
  Hey booky,

I think feel like thats going to be too many things. you have kaplan, online med ed, and MTB. Thats 3 voices telling you the same thing in a different way. Try to make this simple for yourself and see what happens. Hopefully there are others on here that would be able to help also.

I think its a good idea to push your exam back too, we shouldn't be taking the exam until we reach 220 consistently...especially with that other thread about 4 ppl scoring like 30 points below the UWSA scores
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  booky - 07/12/18 14:59
  Thank you for apologizing allrocumab, I appreciate it.... It wasn't a typo, I actually mean 10. When I counted though I got 96 questions right and about 88 wrong. I am not sure how the NBME scoring is done.

Yes bbb2, it does seem like I am doing a lot. I think I will redo my kaplan qbank and go through MTB once for a start and proceed from there.
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  masterthemd - 07/12/18 15:12
  NBME exams for Step 2 CK will be demoralizing unless you can answer 75%-80% questions correctly.
You will overcome this hurdle and obtain a passing score either on NBMEs or UWSA.
Thoroughly study UW Q Bank and aim to solidify the concepts tested there.
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  miacarmel - 07/12/18 21:19
  @booky hi it is possible to get 10 . Dont get upset . just you need more time . and some main book . just keep going . NBME for ck is not predictive though. you need UW along with a easy q bank . Good Luk .  
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* Re:Failed NBME 6 (CK)
  miacarmel - 07/12/18 21:23
  if you need any help to understand any concept feel free to ask .  
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