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* My STEP 2CK experience (243/5months)
  anther0 - 09/08/18 10:18
  Hello everyone, I gave my exam back in December,2017 and here are a few things I would like to share with you about my experience giving the step 2ck examination. I hope it helps. Please beware that I had given my step 1 in July,2017 so it did not take me too long to prepare for this exam. This may not be the case if you decide to give step 2ck first.
Material Used :
1. Master the boards by Conrad Fischer
2. UWorld (online)
3. Kaplan comprehensive cases by Conrad Fischer
4. Picmonics
5. Sketchy
6. 100 cases for Medical Ethics
7. NBME Form 7 (online/237)
8. NBME Form 6 (offline/245)
9. Goljan audio

Schedule: 6 hrs/day divided over 2 hours early morning and 4 hrs in the evening. I worked 9 to 4 at a hospital and the work was light enough to afford me 2-3 extra hours during this time.

Apart from this I would advise 8 Hours of sleep and an hour of exercise each day.

A few helpful tips :
1. First of all if you have given the step 1 exam recently this should be a walk in the park as almost all of it is repetition. However, compared to step 1 this exam deals more with the practical aspects of medicine and is heavy on drug interactions and diagnosis of diseases.
2. If you are going to be working during the preparation of this exam time management is key, in my case I found that studying a bit early in the morning and during working hours really helped me stay on schedule.
3. Sketchy and Picmonics are a good way to stay in touch with the basics of step 1 especially if you used them to study for step1.
4. It is not necessary to go through kaplan notes and videos( I did go through the videos but found it unnecessary). MTB is a good concise book that contains all that you need to know to ace this exam.
5. The First Aid for step 2ck does not have that good reviews so I would not personally recommend it. MTB also is in no way a perfect book but I found it to be much better organised and on point than First aid
6. Uworld is the backbone of step2 ck exam. DONOT SKIP IT
7. Remember this exam has one extra block so is one hour longer than step1 exam. One hour might not sound like much but be sure you pace yourself and avoid fatigue during exam day by utilizing your break time.
8. The questions in this exam have a long stem so be sure you do a lot of timed blocks on Uworld and learn to manage your time well. I never had issues with time management in step 1 but struggled throughout my step 2ck preparation.
I wish you all the very best .
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