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* Step 2 Permit delay! will programs be forgiving?
  anther0 - 09/08/18 19:14
  So, here's the dealio yo

I applied for my permit many weeks ago after a whole debacle with my university delaying the process for me. I then got an email from ECFMG saying that they required my diploma or proof of having met all requirements for graduation from my school. Turns out the people from my school who set these exams up were "on vacation" and that chewed up another week. On Monday ECFMG received my proof of grad and they said that it had been forwarded to the appropriate people for inspection. I haven't heard from ECFMG since and when I call in, they don't have much to tell me by way of when I can sit the exam.

Obviously at this point I need to sit ASAP but no matter what, my results will be delayed a couple weeks at least. I plan on applying for match in a couple weeks too. I'm not applying for anything crazy competitive (fam and IM) but I am an FMG from Canada.

So my questions to all y'all:
1) has anyone had a similar experience? if so, what did you do?
2) are programs forgiving for late CK scores?
3) should i put off my application until i get my score or should i apply on 15th regardless
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* Re:Step 2 Permit delay! will programs be forgiving
  cardio69 - 09/08/18 19:19
  Ask the idiot here  
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