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* clinical mastery series
  babesiosis - 09/10/18 21:09
  the daily skype group discussion for cms will start 9/12.

drop ur id if interested.

begginers not welcome
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* Re:clinical mastery series
  anaplasmosis - 09/13/18 12:22
Id- ysoserious
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* Re:clinical mastery series
  saneewanie - 09/16/18 14:31
  me too,
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* Re:clinical mastery series
  ama_md - 09/16/18 16:34
  OK nobody came from a stupid country and trying to be in my country , listen up little shit
why don't you use the money you spent on uworld and try to improve your own life and family !!
i do have uworld online and if you want me to help you with money then i am more than happy , one condition applied or maybe two ... go back to your city and stay there , and spend some time and some of the money i am sending you to learn English and manners!
stop using coz and urs , and y , it wont fit you , you wont be American in a million years , you certainly smell like the things you eat for one thing lol
but you know what , here is a free lesson for a rat like you , we don't insult people in USA , we respect others and help when we can . you definitely studying offline shit you stole , that's how people from your country pass the test , thieves !
stop the nonsense of go purchase and do this and that, you are nothing to call out people
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* Re:clinical mastery series
  ama_md - 09/16/18 16:35
  people like your sorry ass are not welcome in my USA . go back home nasty kid  
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* Re:clinical mastery series
  nelly77 - 09/22/18 17:22
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* Re:clinical mastery series
  usmleshiny90 - 09/24/18 20:13
  Plz add me too Skype id: subrasivam  
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