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* IMGs & want Residency & no interviews. Gather here
  sudha16 - 01/08/18 22:26
  We need to deliver our voice to the congress
Spread every where send to all your friends
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* Re:IMGs & want Residency & no interviews. Gather h
  fureshma - 01/10/18 22:28
  I failed CS in atlanta with poor marks, I depended on an online tutor, person took my money never came online to help me, finally came on after 1 week of paying and did not help at all, taught me the CS from 2014 which is totally different than what it is now , never take any online tutor they will scam you and take your money after a free session, this happened to me the first time, NEVER TRUST ANY ONLINE TUTOR HERE they are competing with you for residency spots and they will not hesitate to fail you on purpose and teach you wrong outdated things, they will benefit if you fail so they can take your residency spot  
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* Re:IMGs & want Residency & no interviews. Gather h
  wallygarcia - 01/10/18 23:49
  I also failed my USMLE step 2 CS exam with many stars below the borderline I failed my CS exam thanks to USMLE tutors w/ both online and live sessions, it was definitely not helpful or effective we only covered a small amount, and what the tutor was teaching was outdated, THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT THE NEW CS CHANGES they have now! I definitely do not recommend using a tutor that doesnt reveal their true identity
I strongly recommend that you ask for a valid ID and you must photocopy it so that if you fail you know who is responsible for scamming you. these online tutors are a bunch of crooks and most of them have failed and are not able to get into residency, i have a strong suspicion that they are failing people intentionally so that they can have a better chance of getting a residency position
please avoid all tutors and ask for a LEGAL form of ID before paying any money
i was scammed online and I dont want anyone else to be scammed by this
I also cannot match this year despite getting 250+ on CK
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