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* need of a serious sp in miami area
  argarcia6 - 01/10/18 13:50
  If you are interested, please send me your info  
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* Re:need of a serious sp in miami area
  wallygarcia - 01/10/18 23:46
  I failed my USMLE step 2 CS exam in Atlanta, so many IMGs are failing there as 5 of my friends have failed in atlanta I failed my CS exam thanks to USMLE tutors w/ both online and live sessions, it was definitely not helpful or effective we only covered a small amount, and what the tutor was teaching was outdated, THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT THE NEW CS CHANGES they have now! I definitely do not recommend using a tutor that doesnt reveal their true identity
I strongly recommend that you ask for a valid ID and you must photocopy it so that if you fail you know who is responsible for scamming you. these online tutors are a bunch of crooks and most of them have failed and are not able to get into residency, i have a strong suspicion that they are failing people intentionally so that they can have a better chance of getting a residency position
please avoid all tutors and ask for a LEGAL form of ID before paying any money
i was scammed online and I dont want anyone else to be scammed by this
I also cannot match this year despite getting 250+ on CK
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