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* Failed CS in atlanta
  fureshma - 01/10/18 22:25
  I failed CS in atlanta with poor marks, I depended on an online tutor, person took my money never came online to help me, finally came on after 1 week of paying and did not help at all, taught me the CS from 2014 which is totally different than what it is now , never take any online tutor they will scam you and take your money after a free session, this happened to me the first time, NEVER TRUST ANY ONLINE TUTOR HERE they are competing with you for residency spots and they will not hesitate to fail you on purpose and teach you wrong outdated things, they will benefit if you fail so they can take your residency spot  
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* Re:Failed CS in atlanta
  fureshma - 01/10/18 22:25
  I know 4 other people that also failed in atlanta so I dont recommend that center, there are alot of black people in atlanta that do not like IMG and they are hard to understand they speak very fast  
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* Re:Failed CS in atlanta
  fureshma - 01/10/18 22:27
  Atlanta and Philadelphia are not IMG friendly and several IMGs are failing in Atlanta  
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* Re:Failed CS in atlanta
  wallygarcia - 01/10/18 23:49
  Yeah I also failed in Atlanta, they are not friendly to IMGs and you are right they speak way too fast, speak slang as well. Most IMGs dont know slang  
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* Re:Failed CS in atlanta
  k.usmle - 01/11/18 10:51
  Thank you so much friends for sharing. So would you recommend to book the test in LA vs Atlanta?

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* Re:Failed CS in atlanta
  brompton - 01/13/18 09:46
  I took mine in Atlanta. I didnít have much physical exam experience at the time (took it early my third year of med school) but I passed just fine. Reading the first aid for step 2 cs is really all you need. Maybe Uworld cases if you really feel uncomfortable with just that book. If you donít type fast, I would practice the mock notes they have online. Reflect on whether you come across as a good communicator, compassionate, etc, these are all important. I donít think you need a tutor although I had clinical experience in the states so I might be overlooking something. Good luck.  
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* Re:Failed CS in atlanta
  workhard11 - 01/13/18 23:39
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* Re:Failed CS in atlanta
  morticia - 01/14/18 00:35
  Sorry to hear u guys failed ....
All u need is FA , cases posted in the USMLE page and practice practice practice . The notes of usmle site also are timed ....
know all the physical examinations to do b confident , compassionate, real , and do a good closure encounter explain to the sp why u think they have the dx u r giving them and why are u going to ask the dx tests

All the best !

God Bless u all
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