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* Failed Cs ICE
  docindia59 - 01/31/18 15:24
  Hi So i failed in cs 1st attempt ,this was my first usmle exam so should i pursue usmle anymore?  
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* Re:Failed Cs ICE
  dachji - 01/31/18 16:08
  Many people before you have failed ( some once , some twice or more) and have gone on to become the best Physicians in their fields: get your self up and get back to work.

Crying will not cut it for you now.

If you feel down , it is normal. Give your self some time , rest and get up and pursue your dream: one failure should be the least of your worries now!
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* Re:Failed Cs ICE
  docindia59 - 01/31/18 16:25
  Have people matched after failing?  
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* Re:Failed Cs ICE
  dachji - 01/31/18 16:32
  They match yearly.
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* Re:Failed Cs ICE
  docindia59 - 01/31/18 16:42
  My seniors are saying chances are very low to match,its gonna be 10 times harder to match  
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* Re:Failed Cs ICE
  neurogirl91 - 01/31/18 16:43
  Unless these people know program directors from every single program in the country, tell them to shut up  
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* Re:Failed Cs ICE
  mlesteps123 - 01/31/18 17:11
  @neurogirl91. Hi, I could not post my email ID as replies r blocked in your post. My mail ID is
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* Re:Failed Cs ICE
  taposhi99 - 03/07/18 16:27
  Dont give up  
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* Re:Failed Cs ICE
  kaiqing - 03/10/18 09:32
  Try to be more competent in other steps. I did hear people matched successfully with a second pass.  
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* Re:Failed Cs ICE
  karan9988 - 03/20/18 13:30
  I failed my cs exam in chicago,and got more score report back recently I got stars below borderline performance and ICE was the worst part, I took a terrible class in chicago called usmlesuccess academy, I did not feel prepared for my exam at all after taking the chicago class success academy they are located at this address -
1827 Walden Office Square, Suite 520, Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
Please avoid these crooks, these people were very rude and unprofessional when i tried asking for a refund they hung up the phone on me...according to their fraud scam website they say they "guarantee pass or money back" This is a bogus sales gesture that is used to sucker in medical students they will never give a refund back to you,
The class was absolutely awful and they didn't cover enough each day, its was like they were holding back information to get you to sign up for more days.

It is more valuable to have a pass on your first attempt without any refund.
than to go and fail the exam get a fail on your transcript and then get a refund when you have no chance of residency.
I tried very hard to contact them and as soon as I mention refund they hang up the phone.
I will be reporting them to the better business bureau and authorities for fraud as they have done the same thing to 3 of my friends that also failed.
They are teaching outdated things that are not meant for the new 2018 exam, please avoid this Chicago class if possible
During the success academy class they did not give any student enough practice or the feel of the exam conditions, I only got to do 3 cases on my own, the rest I had to share patients during the practice exam i wasted the whole day in groups, when I preferred to see 12 cases alone by myself
Now I have a fail on my transcript despite having 250+ scores on Step I and CK
please avoid the usmlesuccess academy they failed me on my exam and i was taught the wrong way, they dont know the recent exam changes and have failed several people
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