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* passed cs yesterday : thank god!!!!
  rricardo - 02/01/18 11:42
  Hey guys ,
I have been a silent forum member and I just want to share my thoughts and experience concerning my CS.
All I did was First aid, first aid and first aid. I actually thought I was gonna have a hard time passing considering some vital mistakes that I made. Also, because my typing speed wasnt so fast, I always had a hard time completing most, if not all , of my patient notes, including filling up the history and physical exams section.
The bottom line here that may guarantee success is by shaking off poor performances in patient encounters before proceeding to the next. Not doing so might set off a profound chain reaction that may prove detrimental.
The exam is about the average of all 3 components of CS. So , try to do each case as best you can !
Wishing you all the best. And for those who were not succesful, I wish you success .
And by the way I actually applied to programs without Cs result. So for me, it is a huge relief to have passed this exam.
I will entertain any questions anyone might have to ask.

Kind regards.
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* Re:passed cs yesterday : thank god!!!!
  sure7 - 02/02/18 15:23
  Hi ..Much congrats on passing cs.. My exam soon too and I need some advice.. i am also a slow typer.. can u suggest me any tips on improving that? Can I have ur email id or pls reach me at Thanks.  
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* Re:passed cs yesterday : thank god!!!!
  samoja - 02/02/18 16:31
  Congratulations! I'm also waiting for the results and am a slow typer. Took mine in Philly, had some major mistakes, so really not sure what will happen. Also applied w/o CS and actually prematched, so now the pressure is even double, cause I can't start without it... If you have time, care to share some advice? email is, thanks !  
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* Re:passed cs yesterday : thank God!!!!
  rricardo - 02/02/18 19:58
  @sure7 and Samoja : would address your concerns via your respective email address.
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* Re:passed cs yesterday : thank god!!!!
  triptan19 - 02/02/18 20:40
  @rricardo first of all Congratulation>>
-how did you started your preparation and did you follow first aid to write down for patient note?.
-and also i am slow in u have any advice please share.
-did you took any classes or just practice with SP?
-how long did u study for cs?
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* Re:passed cs yesterday : thank god!!!!
  rricardo - 02/03/18 18:17
  @ triptan
Used mainly first aid. I also formulated my own mnemonics which I thought was helpful.
I practiced typing with the software so many times before the exam. My history and examinations were focused for the most part, so it saved me a lot of time in typing notes.
Wish you all the best.
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* Re:passed cs yesterday : thank god!!!!
  rricardo - 02/08/18 09:19
it took me roughly 2 months to prepare for CS, which was quite daunting considering the fact that I have a full time job.
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