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* Dix hallpike/table tilt test???
  chanmy - 04/14/18 23:36
  I was wondering about having to do a tilt table test where it mentions it for the patient with dizziness in the CS first aid book? i watched a google video with a patient having the dix hallpike maneuver done but was wearing special goggles that allow you to see the actual nystagmus, how can you do this in that room unless you have the right equipment? i personally feel mentioning it on my note will be sufficient and explaining it to the SP will be enough-any thoughts on this one? i don't want to risk the SP's safety if i have never done these tests before-and then lose points for having tried and hurt the SP-or losing points for not even doing the tests! so what are your suggestions? thanks!  
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* Re:Dix hallpike/table tilt test???
  snuff_box - 04/15/18 02:05
  WOOW i just came looking for the same answer.
We were doing this case today and were wondering if it should be actually done or just written in the studies section.
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