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* Warfarin counselling
  chanmy - 04/15/18 11:27
  A patient comes for the follow up. She was started warfarin in the hospital when she was admitted for pulmonary embolism. Her recent INR is normal. On questioning she admits that she has stopped taking warfarin because of the fear of bleeding. Now in counselling which of following points (or any other points) you will address?
History how pulm. embolism developed and history of present illness? Any comorbid conditions? Explain what is a pulm. embolism. Did she have any bleeding while taking warfarin. Past history? Family history? Drug interactions (although it doesn't make sense as this point can be discussed only if she agrees to continue with warfarin, which in the exam. she did not).

thanks for the help
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* Re:Warfarin counselling
  lightbulb007 - 04/16/18 00:52
  maybe this is a set up case because they are not using warafin as much now a days as before there are other meds that can replace it and dont cause as much bleeding

this may be a counseling case with heart and lung exam and I would tell the sp its ok dont worry there are other meds and we can discuss your options once we get your test results ie inr pt etc

Besides warfarin, you and your doctor will take a look at these new drugs:

Apixaban (Eliquis)
Dabigatran (Pradaxa)
Edoxaban (Savaysa)
Rivaroxaban (Xarelto)
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