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* Worry about CIS part
  vibhav - 05/14/18 06:51
  hi everyone
I took my exam 3 weeks ago. I still need to wait for 6 weeks to get the result.
I am feeling worried about CIS part.

I forgot to say patient's name on entry more than half of all cases. I just say "Hi. I am Dr..., I am a physician working here today. nice to meet you. How may I address you?"
SP said their preference. that's it. I didn't mention their name after that.

For the rest of the cases, I called their names on entry and I asked their preference and I didn't repeat their name after that.

I finished all cases in time. I did counselling, challenging and closure in all cases.
How do you think about my mistake?
Will I pass the exam?

Thanks in advance.
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* Re:Worry about CIS part
  lightbulb007 - 05/14/18 08:39
  your a liar
you took your exam on
may 7
you took your exam in january
now you took your exam 3 weeks ago
your a fkn liar
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* Re:Worry about CIS part
  lightbulb007 - 05/14/18 09:30
  my exam is in 2 weeks and i cant be wasting my time following some bs on this forum
the forum for my school is nothing like this, the post and people are real!
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