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* I dont know if I did well
  vibhav - 07/09/18 16:52
  Hi everyone,

I took my exam on Philly and I just keep repeating everything I did or I didnt during that day. I'm an IMG and my biggest worry was my SEP, although many Americans tell me that I have a very good English. Fortunately, that day I could understand everything, even a phone call, and the SPs understood me as well. My mistakes were the following:
I did not use the stretcher's feet support when I asked the patients to lie down. I totally forgot about a very important step of the physical examination for 1 patient.
I tripped on my own words while counseling a patient. I may have missed some important differential diagnosis for 2-3 cases.
I also forgot to mention some important diagnostic tests for a couple of patients.
I forgot to screen for depression on a patient, although the chief complaint was a very different thing.
I think a patient was trying to tell me he was gay, but since the chief complaint had nothing to do with it, I only asked about condoms use and move on.

What I did right:
Never run out of time in any case or patient note.
Patient notes had everything and structured as in FA.
Always shook hands and maintained good eye contact.
Always polite and ask permission to sit down and untie the gown.
Always washed my hands.
Always summarized and counseled.
Always asked about any other concerns.

Do you guys think I should feel totally safe? somehow I am really disturbed by this long waiting!
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