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* CSE videos
  virgo32 - 07/11/18 12:21
  I have read mixed reviews about CSE videos. what is the best preparation material one can use for CS except for First Aid? CSE videos or just youtube videos?  
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* Re:CSE videos
  virgo32 - 07/11/18 18:08
  anyone, please.
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* Re:CSE videos
  lightbulb007 - 07/11/18 20:48
  cse videos
I did my cs before my ck and I know cse video helped to get past that fear it has the patient encounter set up just like the real cs exam so I recommend it, if you look at the reviews most of the bad ones are from like 2010 anyway, I used cse video with the fa and did my cs exam and it was very similar to the video cases
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* Re:CSE videos
  acorley99 - 07/15/18 18:56
  @virgo32 csevideos is very good I passed my exam this past week and I used mainly them the exam encounter is pretty much the same as what you will see in csevideos don't forget to practice each video case on someone that will help too  
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* Re:CSE videos
  virgo32 - 07/17/18 09:51
  thanks all. But for how many weeks does it take to complete all of them?  
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* Re:CSE videos
  tuffusmle - 07/17/18 10:06
  can anybody tell me where to find CSE videos.
Thank u
all the best
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* Re:CSE videos
  acorley99 - 07/19/18 20:07
  @virgo32 I don't know how long it takes to watch them all, there is like 90 videos and about 75 are really good they are exactly like the first aid. Basically I got a 4 month membership and watched them on and off whenever I could. by the time I was done I had a good picture in my mind of how the exam takes place. You have to decide for yourself how much time you have and how much training you need.

@tuffusmle its I don't have any downloads for it, sorry

lightbulb when do you get results?
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