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* Passed CS 15/8/18
  lightbulb007 - 08/16/18 20:11
  I have cleared the cs exam
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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  lightbulb007 - 08/19/18 09:29
posting now to tell that I did pass my cs and did get results on 15 august
my single piece of advice is watch csevideo as many times as you can fit into your study schedule. this was the thing that pulled me through the exam, I did review all of the first aid and did practice cases with other students, I have a British accent and was still able to pass on first attempt all three sections any questions I will answer
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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  drppk - 08/23/18 21:18
  Could you pls tell me what CS video you were talking about? If you have sometime then I wanted to talk.

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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  lightbulb007 - 08/27/18 07:37
  Hi Im talking about csevideo they spell like CSEVideo . c om
now that I have taken my exam and I am back in the UK I heard my partners who also worked with me have passed as well, good luck
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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  zurick67 - 08/29/18 09:53
  lightbulb is this the same thing you are talking about?
i am in Switzerland can you do skype with me?

is this what you are referring to? that you used to study with
How I passed the USMLE Step 2
CS with CSE Video and got stars

As I went to prepare for the cs I could not find any really good study material or at least nothing that was a direct hit to what the exam was going to be like, I read mixed reviews on every company out there live courses, online, tutors etc. I decided to go with CSE Video for 4 months and my actual exam experience was a mirror reflection of what I watched in CSE Videos. I have been asked by several people what I used so I decided to write this up.
I sat for my cs exam in los Angeles in May and got my results in July 2018
I am 2nd career American student, and I did my med school in the Caribbean, although they give us some classes nothing extensive on the cs exam, I was concerned about my ability to pass on the first attempt.

A little about me, I am retired accountant and wanted to do something different. At my age it was hard to get through med school and all the required studies and exams. But being a single dad and really wanted a different lifestyle in terms of the work I do, I decided to go to a Caribbean medical school and Iím glad I did.

CSE Video with the first aid paid off big time, I passed with stars and while I was taking the exam I was confident despite my minimal history in the medical field. I am writing this post because I think a lot of people struggle with the right material for the cs and I can say based on my score result and my experience you cant go wrong with CSE Video and the first aid, any edition of the fa will work. You welcomed to ask any questions Iím happy to help the 2018 videos are top of line
Good luck
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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  lightbulb007 - 09/06/18 07:50
  yes zurick that is what I m talking about, I have already cleared the exam you may want to find someone who is in your region who is not taken it yet to study with you but I can answer any questions if you have  
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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  virgo32 - 09/07/18 10:26
  where did you take the exam? if you want to share.  
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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  sunpat89 - 09/10/18 23:18
  i wish i could have known this earlier, would have been saved from the nightmares that i am having.  
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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  sinoatrial - 09/16/18 22:09
  this is kind a business. I think no scores were reported on august 15. all the scores were reported on august 29. you are wrong buddy  
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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  lightbulb007 - 09/16/18 22:50
  @virgo I did the exam at the end of may in Atlanta, Georgia
@sunpat did you get results or you just worried about results?
@sinoatrial I got my results on august 15, 2018 did my exam at the end of may? did you get results?
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* Re:Passed CS 15/8/18
  zurick67 - 09/27/18 11:14
  lighbulb can you please contact me zurickdoc737@outlook
I have become a member of cse video and the program is excellent but I need a sp that has cleared the exam in uk timezone
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