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* Second Visit - what does it mean?
  leog - 09/09/18 09:43
  Recently, I have contacted one of the programs that I interviewed 2 months ago for the second visit. They just getting back to me this week that I could come in and to tell them which day I would like to come. I was just wondering if this is a good sign? Is this mean that they're interested in me? Can the residency coordinator tell you that you could come in without talking to the PD first? I'm a bit confused actually. The reasons that I'm confused is that during the interview, one of the faculty said that if anyone is interested in the second look, they're welcome to. I'm pretty sure everybody was interested. It's a university program. I stated my interest in the thank you letters way back then and no respond. I tried emailed again this month just to fool around. Of course, there was no respond. As I'm about to give up, they sent you this OK letter. So I don't know what is all this mean. Are they just being nice?? If anyone could answer this for me, it would be great. Thanks in advanced.
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