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* Passed USMLE 2CS (IMG Experience)
  doccanada1 - 10/27/18 17:45
  I dont think that passing has anything to do with center for CS. I took first one at Houston (so called IMG friendly); could not clear. This time I had no choice but to take LA which I wasn't very comfortable in first place. However, since there was no choice for me, I thought I should go for it. It did go well.
2 weeks of full study (6-8 hrs per day) with a partner; using first aid cases - is sufficient.
Not only practice history taking but also writing note in scheduled time is equally important. PE part, if you have online partner, can be completed by verbalizing what you gonna do for that particular case.
Just a suggestion: Dont try to complete the list of questions in First Aid. In HOPI: Just cardinal symptoms of the targeted system and 2-3 questions for ROS are sufficient. Its important to ask about past history, PMH, Social history, FH, Alcohol/smoking/drugs, how present symptoms impacted life style- in every case- to complete the history taking.

Stay focused; All the best!
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* Re:Passed USMLE 2CS (IMG Experience)
  tchops - 10/28/18 10:11
  Can you tell me what went wrong the first time you gave and what did you work on the second time most?.. what challenges you faced during the exam?  
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* Re:Passed USMLE 2CS (IMG Experience)
  samyusmle - 11/03/18 01:29
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