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  helga45 - 11/04/18 02:50
  Hello to everyone!

Here is my experience. Maybe it will help somebody. Like someone's experience already helped me.

Preparation took me around 2 months.
Used just FA, went through 44 practice cases 4 or 5 times (few the most challenging even more times). Minicases 1.5 time.
Watched some youtube videos, but did not go crazy about them.
Made "fake" SP from my clothes, so was talking to "this thing" while practicing encounters.(nuts I know, but it helped to make it automatic, on the exam day because of stress you can freeze easily and miss simple, but important questions).
Plenty of typing (I think around 400 patient notes, maybe more).
Purchased mini otoscope (can pretend it is ophthalmoscope btw))), reflex percussion hummer, penlight and tuning fork. So I was comfortable on the exam day using all the equipment.
Tortured my family for week or so for practicing on real people and for getting feedback (important part).

July 19th 2018. Big rough day.
I made many mistakes, ran out of time on one case - it was my 2nd encounter (SP was pretty mean, I don't know was it a "scenario" or she just was having a bad day, but she got me so stressed out I was ready to leave the exam) So be aware of such kind of "surprises" and stay calm (if it is possible at all ))))) You are in control, not them. The rest of SPs were nice and friendly, easy to talk to and very cooperative. I know I missed few diagnoses, workup in some cases was weak.
But I passed.
It means you do not have to be 100% perfect in all 12 encounters.
I used few simple mnemonics (LIQOPRAAA, THEN FR CS PUB SAWID, PAMHFOSS, PAM IF BIG DEALS, LMP RIV CS PAPS) it helped to stay focused and helped with few diff diagnoses, I did write them on the blue sheet before to knock the door.
And try to be positive, smile, make appropriate jokes!

Got my score on Oct 10th. Thank you Jesus!

CS is a tough exam, take the preparation seriously. But it is possible to pass on first attempt.

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