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* Skype study partner
  osagieduwa1 - 11/22/18 17:25
  I am looking for a Skype study partner. I am taking CS on January 18th.  
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* Re:Skype study partner
#3375361 - 11/25/18 21:25
  i am looking sp too, please contact me at skype id:  
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* Re:Skype study partner
  honey123rich - 11/26/18 11:59
  i am looking for sp too. please contact me.
skype name- honey hann
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* Re:Skype study partner
  chriseveryday - 12/02/18 20:29
  I have passed CS exam. Just want to get familiar with CS again before the beginning of externship.
My Skype :
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* Re:Skype study partner
  bojs212 - 12/23/18 21:47
  me too. my exam is on the 14th of Jan. Houston. I'm in panic mode now.... king.bayo1  
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* Re:Skype study partner
  drpaul9912 - 01/01/19 05:53
I had 11 interviews pending now i got CS fail. CSE videos is total waste of time and money I failed my cs exam got my score in december after depending totally on the csevideos and first aid the videos were not up to date to 2018 clinical practices, they were not up to date for 2018 and the nurse in the videos was making mistakes after i cross referenced everything in the videos with my attending chief of clinical sciences at my med school. I definitely do not recommend cse videos it is an awful source and will mislead you for the exam. 3 of my friends also failed their exam because of csevideos, the content is wrong and there are several mistakes in it, thats why they offer "free stuff" initially to scam you in and rob you when you fail. Whats the benefit of something thats free when you are being conditioned wrong for the exam

I am looking out for all future students please avoid the CSE video scam
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* Re:Skype study partner
  zurick67 - 01/01/19 07:32
  CSEVIDEOS is the best for the step 2 cs exam
the videos are updated for 2019
the customer service is excellent, they answer the phone 24/7 even on Christmas day
I a sure my experience in the actual exam was identical to the cases in CSEVideos
happy new year to all

this dr pauls is a huge liar and probably one of those tutors
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* Re:Skype study partner
  sparkle86 - 01/01/19 10:56
  Please add me on dario101. My exam is on the 17th  
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* Re:Skype study partner
  drpaul9912 - 01/01/19 16:39
  zurick67 its so obvious that you work for CSEvideo,
Everyone knows that your videos are terrible

Redtape99=zurick67 they have the same IP address.
I for one have seen the rubbish on CSEvideos, and advertising that you have "test center cases" in your videos is reportable to the ECFMG and NBME and I will be sure to let them know about your advertising.

Secondly NONE of the cases on my exam were on the CSEvideos so you are the liar and scamartist

This is sad news for me since I went to 11 interviews spent over 10,000 in travel expense and ERAS expenses to get a FAIL on my CS exam after relying totally on your fraudulent videos. Now I cannot be ECFMG certified in time for the match, so go to hell you lying scumbag.
Furthermore I am 100 percent sure the person in the video is not a practicing physician, it looks like an inexperienced nurse that has no business in a hospital setting.
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