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* No interviews :(
  aishakhan2697 - 01/09/18 21:49
  i applied this year in IM and FM, no interviews.
Step 1 198 step 2 ck 230 step 2 cs pass, all in 1st attempts, us citizen, 2010 grad. Clinical exp in private clinic only. No research, no publications. No contacts.

this was my 1st time applying, i dont know if i should apply again next yr. will taking step 3 make any differance? should i try to apply in pathology? any other speciality? i want to try for more cycle before giving up. please guys suggest something.

My plan B is to do plab for uk and move out of usa. Should i just concentrate on Plab now or try to match next yr again?

Anyone in same boat simliar to me? What is ur plan B?

Thank you
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* Re:No interviews :(
  keerat87 - 01/09/18 23:18
  psych? you got the citizenship. So that does help, I think?  
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* Re:No interviews :(
  virgo32 - 01/10/18 08:45
  @aishakhan In how many programs did you apply?  
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* Re:No interviews :(
  workhard11 - 01/10/18 09:32
  Psych got really hard. As for FM it may be your best bet

Youíll need to get to know people because eras uses filters

You have citizenship so get to know people take step 3

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* Re:No interviews :(
  workhard11 - 01/10/18 09:34
  Issue is is yog. Once your yog is that much youíll need 99s..

Good luck and donít give up but have a back up plan just in case..
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* Re:No interviews :(
  march2018 - 01/10/18 17:14
  you should try again? maybe you can look up for some observerships? what are you doing currently?  
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* Re:No interviews :(
  aishakhan2697 - 01/11/18 21:43
  i applied in 100 programs. should i try for pathology? I can try to get couple of observerships in pathology for lors and also give step 3 before trying again. What do u guys think? since pathology is non clinical, will my huge gap still matter to them? but i heard pathology wants good step 1 score, is that true? my whole family is here, i dont want to move out of usa, but im sure getting into PA school or doing another 2-3 yrs of nursing degree will be just as hard as getting into residency.  
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* Re:No interviews :(
  acyclovir55 - 01/14/18 13:48
  hey Aisha

I want to know how you have read for CSA..... did u do with study partner .. were you able to type everything which is written in FA in 10 mins..... please reply very much stressed out.
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* Re:No interviews :(
  aishakhan2697 - 01/15/18 16:31

I studied with family members as partners. They r not doctors. But u shud have a live study partner for sure. I type pretty fast. In real exam the physical exam findings are very limited, so in real exam, the physical exam part is very very short.
Also history of presenting illness is mostly all negative, just few findings. u wont have much to write in real exam. But try to finish ur encounter couple of mins before timer goes off to save time for typing.
Whatever u write has to make sense. It wont be as lengthy as FA history at all. Good luck.
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* Re:No interviews :(
  gf1 - 01/17/18 20:39
  M in the same boat. Us citizen, applied really late(2nd wk of Dec. coz of lor), I guess bcoz most of the programs replied to me that they don't have waiting list for interview call. This is my first time. No plan B, that's why struggling every day like what next? Thinking of going thro' the pain of step3 once again but when I watched utube, most of the PDs say that if u hav low score, giving step3 is a suicide therefore, m in the dilemma of wht to do?
Right now simply enjoying Netflix...I think I can write everything about it.
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* Re:No interviews :(
  aishakhan2697 - 01/18/18 18:36

Y suicidal? U think we might fail? if not step 3 then what else can we do? Im confused...
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