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* B1 visa limitations
  knockdown - 01/09/18 23:02
  Hi everyone,

I got my B1 visa while applying for CS , for which I entered US first time and stayed for 2 months and went back to home country after 5 months I re-entered US and stayed for 6 months for research and volunteer works now my question is : My PI wants me back as soon as possible , and what time period says weeks or months is a good time or gap to stay in home country before re entering US for another 6 months so that I dont have problems when I seek for H1/J1 for my residency next year. Or it doesnt matter what time I spent in my home country as H1/J1 will be from university/ programme and it wont be rejected.

Does anyone who stayed on B1 for 6 months and had problems during H1?

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated as Visa laws are getting so difficult day by day, I want to minimize any pitfalls for future.
Thank you
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* Re:B1 visa limitations
  knockdown - 01/10/18 22:02
  no help:)  
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* Re:B1 visa limitations
  workhard11 - 01/11/18 04:36
  The legislation introduced today reflects many of the policy principles and priorities identified by DHS’s frontline personnel which the Administration has advocated for this past year. I look forward to working with Members as they consider this and other legislation that will help us secure our borders, provide necessary enforcement authorities, and end diversity visas and extended family chain migration.

I suggest to work now for it
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* Re:B1 visa limitations
  parmesh495 - 01/16/18 07:57
  Much will depend on what the reason for your stays in the United States is, and whether the immigration officer thinks that you're trying to live in the United States. The general advice given to most people is not to cumulatively spend more than six months out of any twelve in the United States in a visitor status B-1, not only to avoid the appearance of attempting to immigrate.  
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* Re:B1 visa limitations
  2pac - 01/23/18 09:57
  Will the new policy coming have an effect  
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