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* QUESTION about residency and fellowship
  pedram - 01/12/18 15:47
  AS I KNOW , A lot of us are specialist in our original country. i am anesthesiologist . i passed usmle step 2 cs, mid December , and got my usmle certificate. (passed step 1 and 2 ck too). i know it is too late for apply for residency , but i have 2 question. 1) is it late for applying for residency ? that ithink it is late but i heard that some interview are done in late January, 2) can we apply for fellowship ? and if we can, we just can apply for non ACGME
fellowship? please if somebody knows inform us , i really appreciate.
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* Re:QUESTION about residency and fellowship
  brompton - 01/12/18 17:39
  I'm not sure about how fellowships work but for most programs it is too late to apply this cycle. Many stop taking applications by the end of December latest [most times they don't even look at applications submitted after mid September, though, because there are too many]. Those interviews sent out in January are likely people who submitted applications back in September and were put on a waitlist if someone invited canceled. I only applied FM but I think the process is more or less the same for everyone--I think you'd only be spending money applying this late.  
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* Re:QUESTION about residency and fellowship
  dr_bod - 01/13/18 12:50
  @brompton is is too late at this stage. You can wait for next year OR you can apply to a few programs in ERAS in order to enter the SOAP maybe you will get lucky but it won't be as expensive as applying to over a 100 programs now. Last year, I had an interview with Henry Ford Macomb IM program after the match. It was a matter of emailing programs to see if they had any openings after the match. It was a ton of work but its up to you. How much do you want it.

All the best!
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* Re:QUESTION about residency and fellowship
  kavya@4a1 - 01/17/18 08:50
  It is too late for applying for residency, because lots of programs will be completed with the interviews at this stage. Try to apply for residency next year you will be having chances. Fellowships needs to be applied after residency, without residency it is tough to get fellowship.  
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