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* Any advice??
  bqan - 02/02/18 22:53
I am IMG, graduated 2013, did 1 year internship
scores :
Step 1 201
Step 2 CK : preparing for 2nd attempt
Step 2 CS : Passed 1st attempt

I want to finish Step 2 CK ( aiming for a higher score to make up for the low step 1 score and 2nd attempt ) and then prepare for Step 3, I hope I can make it for the coming match 2019!

this is my second year in research, with two publications ( one of them in Nature Journal), 3rd one on the way.
currently I work as a research assistant with physicians, in the same specialty that I want to apply for.

I just need a piece of advice about what can I do to make my application better? and do I still have a chance?

any advice would be appreciated!


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* Re:Any advice??
  bqan - 02/02/18 22:56
  I forget to mention that I did some clinical observerships in different hospitals  
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* Re:Any advice??
  bqan - 02/03/18 20:15
  not even a single answer! =(  
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* Re:Any advice??
  elen_ithil - 02/03/18 21:11
  keep up your research and work on your networking. once you clear CK and get your ECFMG certificate, it will be imperative for you to get some US clinical experience with direct patient care. that , together with your connections, would be your best card to play for the Match, Good luck!  
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* Re:Any advice??
  parmesh495 - 02/07/18 12:11
  You should have hands-on clinical experience with strong LORs which can make application stronger, and you need to have continuous clinical experience as you have less score and attempt in the application. Make connections and make your CV strong.  
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* Re:Any advice??
  stepup3 - 02/11/18 18:25
  Depends of the specialty... with low scores you have a chance only in a hospital where AMGs do not go with history of unmatched position in the past (They do not need any research. They need to have work done, a lot of work.)
Your PD can take you with any scores, make sure he likes you and he is on your next Nature publication. His life will be easier if you have a high 2CK score. Try to talk to your PD and see what is your options. They usually want to help. If you have a chance in his program, he will tell what you need to do. Maybe take a break from research and get high 2CK. Maybe any 2CK would be good for him but need to bring NIH grant. Ask physicians with whom you work to put a good word for you and help meeting PD.

Good Luck!
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