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* Contacts VS Scores
  passingthesteps2017 - 02/06/18 13:29
  Hi everyone,

I was talking with some friends that are applying to residency, some are old img and some fresh img, some with high scores and some with low. Either way, contacts can play an important role to get an invitation....but how much can a contact influence to get the actual position to the candidate he is vouching for? And if, can strong contacts overcome low scores in the final decision.

Thanks in advance for anyone who gives their opinion.
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* Re:Contacts VS Scores
  lingala - 02/08/18 12:03
  Contacts will help the application during the match process, but you need to have good scores for applying. It will be useful, try to make connections.  
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* Re:Contacts VS Scores
  passingthesteps2017 - 02/09/18 14:05
  Thank you lingala, a friend was saying that contacts are more important than scores since many people can look the same in paper, but somebody that knows you helps the PD know you are not a psycopath.  
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* Re:Contacts VS Scores
  tesla1 - 02/10/18 09:20
  scores just screen you like everyone else when applying. if you have some real good connections,the scores can maybe be bypassed to just get an interview.  
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