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* soap
  pedram - 02/10/18 13:50
  hi every body, i passed step 1 and step 2 ck and the last one cs in September and get my report in December that was too late for applying on eras and all of interview done and i couldn't do anything, that's why i didn't submit eras for programs. my question. i heard about soap, how can we apply for soap? from freida or from eras system? and how can we apply for tha?, please write review with explanation., i have no idea about soap, please help me. thank you a lot.  
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* Re:soap
  2017peludi - 02/10/18 15:42
  Hey pedram

to participate in the SOAP 2018 you must be registered in ERAS (so you can upload your CV, scores and LoRs. Also you must register with the NRMP (this guys are the one that actually DO the MATCH algorithm).

things you MUST know:
1. NRMP deadline for registration is February 21st!! so if you dont have your ERAS application ready by now it would be hard to get it on time. (it takes about 2 weeks to upload all the documents and letters).

2. Everyone believes that the SOAP is easier but that is not correct. let me show you last year stats... 13,796 applicants participated in the 2017 SOAP...1,076 got a residency position... this means that less than 9 percent got Matched by the SOAP and we are talking all types of applicants (US seniors, US IMGs and non US IMGs) if you are non-US IMG the percentage goes down to less than 1.

here the stats pages 47-49:

Bottom line:

I know that you feel the need to apply as soon as possible, we all felt that way. but if I were you I would wait for the next regular MATCH and take this year to build a good application (step 3, USCE, LoRs). The only way I would apply to SOAP this year is if you have SUPER scores 250-60 and no need for VISA.

whatever you decide, wish you the best
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* Re:soap
  pedram - 02/10/18 16:53
  hi peludi , thank you for your precious information to me . thank a lot. my documents is ready on eras, i need just submit eras . but for submitting i need to choose at least some programs or don't need to apply for any program and just submit eras for participate in soap?  
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* Re:soap
  2017peludi - 02/10/18 18:17
  you dont need to apply to programs in order to be elegible for SOAP

but you need...

1. Certify your ERAS application
2. register and pay the NRMP fee (before feb 21st)
3. wait until March 12th for MATCH Day to receive the unfilled spots list.
4. hopefully get a spot.

read the next link before trusting my word (I am human I could be wrong) also you should call NRMP to be sure.

If you are going for it, let me know how it goes.

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* Re:soap
  pedram - 02/11/18 09:11
  thank you pleudi , you guide me very well and hope you would be success in your way, your information and introducing website was awesome and helpful. appreciate.  
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