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* omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  usmleishard - 03/12/18 10:55
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  orange1234 - 03/12/18 10:56
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  step3plan - 03/12/18 10:59
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  brompton - 03/12/18 11:08
  Congrats! I matched as well and am very happy!  
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  oldgrade10 - 03/12/18 11:12
  Credential please.. it will help future applicants  
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  virgo32 - 03/12/18 11:14
  congratulations all:) please share your credentials?  
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  optimisticpositive - 03/12/18 11:36
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  missla - 03/12/18 11:46
  I matched as well after 6 times of trying. Received 2 interviews this time through referrals, credentials are 21x, 22x, 21x, CS 2nd attempt, Carib grad 2013. God's time is the best.  
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  brompton - 03/12/18 11:53
  Feel free to ask me any questions. This was my second match. Scores are 21x, 22x, no step three, CS passed first attempt. US citizen, IMG of Caribbean school. Last year I had a decent amount of interviews and did not match because i didnít prepare well for them. Please make sure you read on the process and practice questions and answers. You canít anticipate every question but most people will ask the same. You do not want to go Ďuhí every few words. Most importantly if you do not feel confident in your answers you will likely appear nervous instead of passionate and able to engage in conversation. This was the main thing that helped me. In your time off do something medically-relevant (I chose scribing) and discuss something you are passionate about in your specialty. Since I did SOAP last year feel free to ask any questions and Iíll get back with you as soon as I can.  
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  drphd - 03/12/18 12:03
  I matched feeling ever....after trying for 3 times
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* Re:omg i matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  passingthesteps2017 - 03/12/18 12:07
  Matched! Definitely the best feeling of all! Congratulations everybody!  
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