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* American clinical experience
  yasminkus - 03/12/18 17:52
  I am an img without American clinical experience. I have good steps grades and I don't need a visa. However, I think that not having American clinical experience is a major disadvantage. I am willing to spend the money on these paid companies if they are a good investment. What I want to know is if they are a good idea or a bad idea. I heard account that all you do is clinics, that there will be 15 imgs assigned to one doctor at a time. Regardless of where the clinical experience bottom line is will I get a good LOR stating that I had clinical experience in a hospital? Are their LORs valued by program directors? And will they help me land a residency spot? I get the feeling that thwy are parasite conapnies that feed on desperate imgs.  
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* Re:American clinical experience
  yasminkus - 03/12/18 17:53
  * parasite companies  
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* Re:American clinical experience
  daoud125 - 03/13/18 10:24
  They promise you clinical rotation but at a clinic. Dont waste your money. If you have time go door to door knocking sell yourself make contact and use that money to get externship which will be helpful. I was going to spend 5 grand for 3 lor, but in end i decided to take this matter in my own hand. Currently i have secured 3 spots, although it was hard, but its possible for sure  
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* Re:American clinical experience
  mosaic12345 - 03/13/18 10:42
  Donít pay any money to any organizations! Some hospitals have official observerships, apply to them. Try to make contact and do observership through them. I was in the same boat as you are now and I am glad I didnít pay any companies.
After obtaining some clinical experience I matched this year!
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* Re:American clinical experience
  yasminkus - 03/13/18 14:14
  Hey guys,

Thanks for your response.
1) Daoud, did you manage to get an externship ot observorships?
2) Also, would you guys say that an observorship is good enough? Will not having hands on clinical experience limit the hospitals that I can get a residency in?
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* Re:American clinical experience
  daoud125 - 03/13/18 14:25
  i got externship mostly, i am going for observer ship in April. I will take what ever comes in handy. Its free of cost.  
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* Re:American clinical experience
  parmesh495 - 03/15/18 13:07
  try to apply for externship which will be having more value than observership, you will be gaining LORs along with the experience. you need to apply for the hospital which is better than clinics.  
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* Re:American clinical experience
  antonella - 03/17/18 02:03
  Do not waste any money for company that are scam .Put them in the SPAM !
Start calling hospital EDUCATIONAL DEPARTMENT IF THEY HAVE OBSERVERSHIP and how to get a clearance and than you start networking......
That is all !
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