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* Match in first try with an attempt? POSSIBLE!
  psamomma - 03/13/18 08:39
  This forum has been very helpful throughout my journey. Posting this message to help others after getting matched was my dream and it became true!

Credentials- Non US IMG/215/220/CS pass- 2nd attempt/ GC holder/ YOG-2013, USCE- externship for 1 year in a private clinic , 1 month externship in university hospital, 1 publication in different field.
Applied on time to over 300 programs, I kept searching new programs, 6 interviews in total(3 from new programs)-- 1 FM, 3 IM, 2 transitional, 2 were from contacts, MATCHED in a categorical program, not sure where.

It is possible ! You just have to see what your weakness is and then strengthen it! For me, weak points were my scores and attempt so I strengthened it by USCE and contacts made from there, research , smart searching of programs and most importantly INTERVIEW PERFORMANCE. You have to be that candidate whom they can't forget to rank high and most of the interviewers gave me excellent feedback during interviews.

I can't deny that it is a game of luck too, so thank God.

Congratulations to those who matched, and people who didn't get good news this year, please don't loose hope. Be persistent and have patience, you will reach that gold line.
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* Re:Match in first try with an attempt? POSSIBLE!
  goinghigher2 - 03/13/18 09:20
  @psamomma please, what do you mean by excellent feedback from your interviewers? I got feedback too from them still did not match.  
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