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* Matched with just 1 interview.
  lifeofresident - 03/13/18 23:25
  Hello everyone, I have been a silent member in this forum for almost 4 years now. I think it's time to share my story.

My creds: Non-US IMG, YOG-2012, Scores- 21x, 23x, pass(2nd attempt), 20x(2nd attempt), 9 mo observerships, 6 mo research, 4 publications- not first author, MPH.

I applied in 3 consecutive matches and never got a single interview call. Possible reasons could be my bad scores/attempts, lack of hands on USCE, no good LORs, poor personal statement, and late application in October. I lost hope, yet didn't want to give up; so started improving my profile by gathering good LORs, writing case reports/articles for publications, enrolling in MPH, refining personal statement and most importantly applying on time.

When I received my first interview this season, I couldn't believe my own eyes. I made sure I didn't miss a detail about them. If you are well prepared, all it takes is 1 interview to match. But getting an interview is tough part in my case. New programs won't have strict criteria like established ones, hence there is a chance of receiving an interview call when you apply to them as soon as they show up on eras. So keep checking for new programs all through the season.

My advise: In this long draining journey towards residency, one should always have a plan B. My plan B is MPH. Be prepared for worst but do not stop trying, you never know which program will like your profile.

I wish all those unmatched good luck for the next season. This is the time to improve your profile and interview skills.

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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  cy - 03/14/18 02:54
  Congrat, thanks for sharing, and good luck!  
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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  mle16 - 03/14/18 12:29
  Hi lifeofresident,
congratulations. That's very inspiring.

I would like to request you to provide me some inputs on MPH program.
I did not match this year. I am looking for online MPH programs.

Could you please share information related to MPH program.
Please let me know if I can contact you?

Thank you.
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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  rpl - 03/14/18 12:32
  Congrats and all the best .
Appreciate your compassion by sharing your story.
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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  fidelity - 03/16/18 15:30
  Many congratulations. very inspiring  
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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  lifeofresident - 03/16/18 15:49
  Thank you all. I wish you all good luck and hope you'll reach your goals soon.

@mle16 - Sure. I will be happy to help. Please leave your email id or skype id. I will ping you there.
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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  decarbazine - 03/17/18 03:02
  Hey congrats ! quick question. did you mention your failures in your personnel statement and how your learned from them. Some people say to mention it and some say to not, so i'm confused. would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!  
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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  smilemedicine - 03/20/18 22:43
  Many congratulations!! I am currently enrolled in MPH and applied in this match but couldn't match with 4 interviews. I will appreciate if you give me more advise how should I sell my MPH for coming match really upset. Thanks  
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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  lifeofresident - 04/05/18 02:10
  @decarbazine - The only place where you have a chance to explain your attempts is PS. Hence I advise you to mention any attempts you have in you PS and tell them how they made you a stronger and better person today. On my interview day, PD mentioned how he liked my PS.  
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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  lifeofresident - 04/05/18 02:18
  @smilemedicine- I am not sure if MPH helped me or not, but I mentioned to my interviewer that MPh helped me understand the health demographics in US and motivated me further to become a physician.  
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* Re:Matched with just 1 interview.
  137418 - 04/05/18 12:30
Hi lifeofresident , Congrats
I am US Citizen IMG with bad scores !
Usmle step1 211 passed first time ,
step2 ck: 212 passed second time ,
step2 cs passed second time ,
step 3 failed 3 times and couldn't pass it ,
YOG 7 ,
Master public health in Epidemiology , working as an epidemiologist with John Hopkins/ Oncology Department ,
Many LORs , And US experience ,
got 2 interviews last match through connections and didn't match . '
I might have a similar situation here , so what's your advice to me please
Thanks a lot ,

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