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* Externships and observerships
  pinkbubble - 04/08/18 15:36
  Hi, Can someone please help me on how to and where to apply for externships/observerships for family medicine and pediatrics? Can someone guide me?  
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* Re:Externships and observerships
  kavya@4a1 - 04/11/18 12:16
  You need to search in the IMG friendly places where you will be having more chances of getting accepted for the externship rotation. You need to make lots of emails to the programs.  
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* Re:Externships and observerships
  divyasingh - 04/18/18 20:50
  Can you name some of the IMG friendly programs??  
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* Re:Externships and observerships
  enushi - 04/19/18 11:36
  I know of a place in NYC which is affiliated with a hospital that offer externship/observership but they charge a fee. Email me if you are interested.  
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* Re:Externships and observerships
  dreamstocometrue - 04/23/18 04:16

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami, FL

Educational Courses and Events
Educational Summits/Symposiums
International Observership Courses
American Assembly of the Academy of Emergency Medicine, Florida Chapter

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