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* looking for advice
  dream_med - 04/12/18 14:10
  Hi all,

If anyone can please provide their perspective, please comment. I am an old IMG (2009)with a target for 2020 match. I haven't given any steps yet and about to begin step 1 prep.

Other than that, my profile -
PhD Pharmacology (USA), joined immediately after med school graduation, no gaps in CV, 4 years of postdoc research in infectious disease/critical care research in anesthesiology department of a top university in the US, multiple first author and co-author publications in good journals, two nationally competitive grants, can readily shadow anesthesiologists at my university and get good letters, don't need visa (have green card).

I am interested in either anesthesiology or internal medicine applications. Please let me know if I stand a chance to match if I am able to score decent scores. I definitely miss practicing medicine. But I am in a dilemma if I should pursue or not as my year of graduation is old and I haven't been in clinical practice since graduation.

Best regards.
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* Re:looking for advice
  dreamstocometrue - 04/14/18 07:59
Everything is possible with hard work, determination, passion, and knowing people in the field. You seem to have it all.

The best person to get feedback is the PD where you did research or doing research.

You certainly don't need more than 4-8 months to prepare for USMLE exam/s. Take Step 1, apply to a few programs this year.

Good luck.
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* Re:looking for advice
  nrmp2012 - 04/14/18 09:44
Everybody has a chance.
Step scores are key. That will increase or decrease your chances further
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* Re:looking for advice
  kavya@4a1 - 04/14/18 12:17
  Yes you will be having chances. Whats important is that you need to high scores which can make the application good. As you are an old grad along with the scores you need to have continuous hands-on clinical experience which will make you clinical active and make the connections with the professional which can help for the application during the match process.  
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