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* Query about application deadline
  09510298 - 04/13/18 05:13
  I got my step2 cs date in october 2018.
That means my results would be available in december i suppose.
If i get my results in december, what are the chances that i would get to apply to various hospitals?
I found that many programs have kept their deadlines in october or november.

Are there separate deadlines for different subjects?
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* Re:Query about application deadline
  nanaki - 04/13/18 11:04
  Do your best to find another date and change it if you can.

If you are an IMG you really don't want to apply that late.

Everyone will say that programs accept applications late and there will be one or two success stories about interviews in January or very late, but nothing beats applying on time with a full application, meaning ECFMG certified and all your documents up and ready.
Keep in mind that if you apply late there will be hundreds of applications in front of yours, with the same or better scores, same or better experience and your probability for matching will be lower.

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* Re:Query about application deadline
  09510298 - 04/14/18 01:26
  Thankyou @ nanki
I just checked again and rescheduled my date in August 2018.
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* Re:Query about application deadline
  kavya@4a1 - 04/19/18 12:23
  Try to look for another date, with which you can get Step-2 CS score before September. Because PDs will be looking for the application which has all the requirements documents available.  
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* Re:Query about application deadline
  yanagi - 05/03/18 22:33
  I was in the same situation last year - applied in November to those programs which stated, that they are still accepting application - and just wasted the money. In addition you will never know is it something wrong with your application or you just applied at the wrong time.
It was a good idea to rescheduled. Apply timely (not later than October 1) even if you will not have your results. Good luck with CS!
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