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* 36 Q&As:Internal Medicine Residency Interview
  masteryoda - 04/15/18 21:58
  We have total 36 questions with answers that you will surely have them during interview.
We can give you 3 example Q&Aas below.
IF you are interested in having the rest, please additionally contact:

Internal Medicine Residency Training: Q&A

1) Tell me about yourself? (This is usually the first question)
Well, Let me start at the beginning. I was born in XXX and I graduated from XXX University, one of the best medical school in XXX with first class honor. I consider myself to be very analytical in my reasoning and I love the chance of learning something new.
During medical school I XXX. I organized, coordinated and initiated the XXX projects among medical schools in XXX. I also volunteered as a physician at XXX during XXX in XXX. I was able to balance theses activities with a primary focus on my education.
I worked hard, have high responsibilities taking care of my patients. Thatís why I receive several awards outstanding in my rotations.
After graduation, I worked as an intern at XXX hospital in XXX part of XXX, which was XXX. I have experiences to perform various hand-on skills and emergency life saving procedures. I also volunteered myself to help patients in XXX.
Personality, I am easygoing and I love to put people at ease.
Now, I eager to begin my residency training in Internal medicine
I am prepared to answer any questions you may have about my education and experience.

2) Describe the worst or most disappointing clinical experience/failure you have had so far?
-During my internal medicine rotation, I recall a patient, a 55 years old man with myocardial infarction and heart failure. I would assist my resident with observing his clinical sigh of CHF. He was just beginning to show signs of improvement when he suddenly went into shock and died. This was extremely disappointing to me as he as a fighter and strong willed, and I really expected him to pass through.

3) What is your greatest weakness?
-I used to get nervous about speaking in front of groups, but Iíve realized that sharing information on conferences is very important and is how doctors and researchers advance the science of medicine. So I have been taking public speaking classes at XXX and taking every opportunity to make presentations in classes and conferences. Now I become much more comfortable with it.
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* Re:36 Q&As:Internal Medicine Residency Interview
  cerulean - 04/30/18 16:00
  Answer to Q 1 would put your interviewers to sleep. They can read your CV. You need more succinct yet all-inclusive answer in a way that provides room and invitation for an interviewer to ask more questions.

2-3 - don't pick answers and anecdote from something that is not personal to you. People can see right through that rehearsed unoriginal answers. Be yourself, be personable, have a sense of humor, and try to show that you are easy going person who would fit right in their program culture.
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