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* Uni of Rochester
  sharan - 06/11/18 14:31
  Please also note that, in accordance with our residency selection policy, we are unable to consider any applications from foreign medical graduates who are not ECFMG certified and who have not completed at least one year of postgraduate training in internal medicine in the United States at the time of application to the residency program. We also only accept J1 visas. All applicants must achieve a score of 200 (82) or greater on their first attempt on all steps of the USMLE in order to be considered for an interview."

If this a categ program, meaning starting with PGY1 why do they need PGY1 in IM?
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* Re:Uni of Rochester
  dr.anna19 - 06/12/18 19:28
  its because you cannot do Neurology without 1 year of IM at uni of rochester it seems like
so usually people do a prelim IM year before going into neuro

maybe their program is not a 4 yr program where u automatically get your first year in IM and then conitnue onto neuro

some programs are 4 yrs (1 IM, 3 Neuro) and some are 3 yr Neuro only for which u must complete 1 yr of IM first

hope this helps
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