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* My chances
  sthapit17 - 06/13/18 22:53
  I scored 253 in step 1 but in step 2 ck 239... :( How does this affect my chances for matching. Is it a red flag? please can anyone help me?? PS i want to match in pediatrics.  
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* Re:My chances
  kavya@4a1 - 06/20/18 12:59
  yes it will affect the chances of matching, you need to gain continuous hands-on clinical experience in the same specialty you want to match and get strong LORs to improve the chances of getting matched.  
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* Re:My chances
  dreamstocometrue - 06/20/18 13:23
I just love, how people want to flaunt their scores :)
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* Re:My chances
  sthapit17 - 06/23/18 23:05
  I am not flaunting anything. If it was the other way around I wouldn't mind but everyone says the look for progression, i have a huge drop of 14 marks, that is why I am scared.  
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* Re:My chances
  drbacchi - 06/25/18 04:59
  That is just one factor, but having a good Step1 score is definately a plus. Do you need visa? Do you have good LORs? Where did you graduate from? Any publications in peds?  
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* Re:My chances
  darkhorse - 07/06/18 22:54
  I agree. Drop is a red flag but again depends on what else you have. USCE, good LOR and any publication can over ride any red flag.  
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* Re:My chances
  medpedh - 07/08/18 13:16
Hey, i understand how devastating it must feel. However, don't stress yourself out. That 253 will already open the doors for you. Remember that most American grads only have their step 1 score available when applying. I saw someone on the forums here and in another forum who got almost identical scores to you. 250 + on step 1 and 230 + on 2ck. The person got around 10 or so interviews, and matched successfully. I don't even think the score drop came up during the person's interviews. You've done very well on a stressful test like step 1. Just clean up the rest of your application and make sure you make a good impression on interviews. You should be fine. I'd be surprised if you don't match (as long as you don't have red flags elsewhere).
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