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* Match without contacts
  drzaky254 - 07/05/18 19:07
I am IMG 2016 YOG, 244/237/1st attempt ,2 month observership 4 month externship, 2 research total 5 months, 2 university LOR(from fields in which I am not applying), 3 from private clinic, no contacts, 6 submissions waiting for approval to get published. Planning for IM/Neuro. Recently I have seen many people discussing that below 250 score we wont get an interview without contacts. You think thats true? And please give me advise to improve my CV. Thanks!
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* Re:Match without contacts
  darkhorse - 07/06/18 22:46
  If you have publications, you should be fine. Contacts helps to get an interview but thats it. Selection is typically based on your CV and performance.  
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* Re:Match without contacts
  parmesh495 - 07/09/18 13:31
  Contacts are important for the application, but if have good scores and hands-on clinical experience in US. Then it wont be a problem if you dont have contacts. Try to get hands-on clinical experience more and get strong LORs.  
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