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* Chance of residency
  vkg - 07/09/18 01:39
  Step 1 -210
Step2 ck - 212
Cs pass

1 month of usce
What is my chance of getting into pediatrics or family medicine residency
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* Re:Chance of residency
  kavya@4a1 - 07/10/18 06:51
  You will be having chances, but in order to make the application better when compared to other applicants.
You need to continuous hands-on clinical experience which makes the application better and can help in getting strong LORs.
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* Re:Chance of residency
  samsungusmle - 07/11/18 03:03
  look at this chances calculator, looks decent for me:
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* Re:Chance of residency
  smartpc - 07/12/18 11:43
  Some say I am negative, however, I think it is best to be honest! I would say your application would be filtered out due to your scores, and it also depends on your YOG. I would recommend making connections so you have a chance to get your application viewed for a possible interview. Programs filter due to the number of applications each year, and your application will most like not even be viewed without the programs pulling it from ERAS.  
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* Re:Chance of residency
  waterboy - 07/17/18 19:44
  Seriously. Everyone on these boards have pretty much the same picture.

You’ll get a residency because you’re honest and have integrity.

Best luck bro
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