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* Please help.
  virgo32 - 07/09/18 10:16
  I'm IMG. I'm done with step 1 and 2 CK and looking for CS dates but couldn't find any. is it okay to apply without CS?  
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* Re:Please help.
  neurogirl91 - 07/09/18 11:36
  Hey! Did you pass CK!? Congrats! Would love an update, i know we interacted a bit over here about your lack of improvement on NBMEs so be sure to share your experience!

Again, i am so so happy for you, congrats!
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* Re:Please help.
  virgo32 - 07/09/18 12:42
  Lol, I didn't get the results. I'm just asking what to do next if I pass :p  
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* Re:Please help.
  virgo32 - 07/09/18 12:42
  did you get the results?  
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* Re:Please help.
  neurogirl91 - 07/09/18 12:44
  Haha oh, i was so excited. You should be okay to apply without CS, its a completely useless exam and programs really dont care.

I have not
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* Re:Please help.
  virgo32 - 07/09/18 13:14
  pray for my results:) when is your CS? Are you sure it doesn't matter? I'm IMG and I have read that it matters for IMG.  
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* Re:Please help.
  neurogirl91 - 07/09/18 13:20
  My prayers and good wishes are with you! Of course, it is always good to have a complete application so just continue to look for dates every few minutes because there will be cancellations. But dont stress out if you cant. You have two options

1) Submit your incomplete applciation and add in that you have booked your CS date and will update it as the results come

2) Wait till you get results of your CS and then apply.

Ultimately the choice is up to you
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* Re:Please help.
  virgo32 - 07/09/18 13:31
  @neurogirl thank you :)  
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* Re:Please help.
  lingala - 07/11/18 11:57
  It is always required for IMGs to have all the scores with you while applying for the match, but you apply for the programs with the scores you have and later update the programs with the CS exam.  
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* Re:Please help.
  virgo32 - 07/11/18 12:00
  @lingala how late can we submit the results?  
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* Re:Please help.
  smartpc - 07/12/18 11:03
  Most programs require both IMG's and AMG's pass CS prior to January 1st.  
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