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* Help me gauge my step 1 score
  sharan - 07/11/18 09:17
  I am an AMG at a mid-tier school, and just got my step 1 score: 247! I'm happy with it, as I was aiming for over 240, but admittedly my goal was a bit arbitrary, mostly based on my practice scores. Everyone is saying my score is "really good, great" etc. However, I'm having trouble pinning down HOW great. Is it simply that no one will automatically throw my application in the trash, or are we talking about the possibility of something like Hopkins or Mayo neurosurgery? How about an highly-ranked program in a slightly less competitive specialty, like general surgery?

(For the record, I am primarily interested in surgery of some kinds- urology, general surgery, ortho… hard to say yet. I haven't ruled out neurosurgery, unless it's been ruled out FOR me!)

The rest of my application is pretty ho-hum: I go to a H/P/F school, and my preclinical years have mostly passes and a few honors. My research projects from first year both crashed and burned, but that's a a thread for another time *sigh*
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