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* late application
  sunpat89 - 09/02/18 17:58
  how much does it effect you ?  
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* Re:late application
  lingala - 09/08/18 13:50
  If you apply late for the residency program then it will have affect on the application, because most of the programs will be looking at the applicants who have submitted their application first. Then application will be filtered.  
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* Re:late application
  esmanny - 09/09/18 19:06
  I read that since they review applications on first come first serve, the chances of getting an interview are lower, whereas other programs review applications later, even I found I program who stated that international applications were review sometime in November.
In any scenario, makes sense to apply as complete and as soon as possible. good luck
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* Re:late application
  sunpat89 - 09/10/18 23:20
  thank you, but i have to wait till oct 10 to apply, no options for me.  
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* Re:late application
  jussoju - 09/20/18 18:08
  It's better to have an incomplete application sent in on time with LORs/PS/Scores etc. submitted late than the entire application going out late  
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