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* pathology application
  cs616 - 09/06/18 09:31
  Is there any group for pathology residency application this year? Thank you.  
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* Re:pathology application
  alikhan121986 - 01/25/19 15:54
  @usmlemlg thank you! the interview is very much normal no medical questions. just regular stuff questions i.e. why pathology and why our program. Residents seemed happy and most of them get into good fellowship programs.  
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* Re:pathology application
  usmlemlg - 01/27/19 18:48
  @alikhan121986: Thank you very much! That is very helpful. All the best with your match!  
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* Re:pathology application
  purple_cloud - 01/28/19 13:00
  Guys, I'm really struggling with my ROL.

Can someone give me Doximity rankings for these programs, please? I'm not able to make doximity account.

Temple University
MedStar Georgetown
Mount Sinai NY
Syracuse SUNY Upstate

Any comments are helpful as well
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* Re:pathology application
  purple_cloud - 01/29/19 16:07
  Hey @yanagi

I've seen that you wrote that you are doximity rankings fan.

Would you be so kind to share doximity rankings for the places I mentioned in the above post?

I would be very grateful! I'm not able to make doximity account and see the rankings myself :(
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* Re:pathology application
  wilderness_gal - 01/29/19 22:11

look at who their current residents are and where they get fellowships. My medical school told me not to take doximity rankings seriously as did former students who matched in the field.
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* Re:pathology application
  yanagi - 01/30/19 22:12
  @ purple_cloud, first of all congratulations! Here is your doximity rating:

1. Temple University (2017: 81 -> 2018: 64)
2. MedStar Georgetown (aka Georgetown University Hospital Program) (80 -> 82)
3. Hartford (aka Hartford Hospital Program) (101 -> 95); Community based University aff (CBUA)
4. Danbury (aka Danbury Hospital Program) (111 -> 109) 8 people only, CBUA
5. Mount Sinai NY (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Program) (31 -> 39) middle-big sized, university based
6. Albany (130 -> 129)
7. Syracuse SUNY Upstate (aka SUNY Upstate Medical University Program) (52 -> 125)
8. Westchester (89 -> 116)

Compare also: number of surgical specimens (40-70K / per year), number of PAs, subspecialized vs general sign-out, do they have ExpertPath or PATHPrimer subscription, their didactic lectures.... - and of course your gut feeling about the program.

@ wilderness_gal. Doximity ranking may not be taken seriously if the programs are close in ranking (like 40s and 60s). But on iv I really saw the difference between programs in top 20, than top 60 and programs that are below 100. Most of the top programs have there own well known fellowships and most residents will go there. If you have chance - go to the middle/big-size university based programs above 100-110, at least.

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* Re:pathology application
  yanagi - 01/30/19 22:33
  @ purple_cloud
I thought "Albany Medical Center Program" in NY is pre-match program? - it does not have NRMP number on AAMC site and you cannot rank it. Or it is another Albany program? (always confused with NY programs)
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* Re:pathology application
  purple_cloud - 01/31/19 12:45
  Thank you @yanagi! I truly appreciate the time you took to look up the rankings for me.

Wow..I don't know why SUNY Upstate dropped so much 52 -> 125..

Albany Medical Center is a Match program. Their NRMP code is 1414300C0 (Albany Med Ctr-NY).
I know, NY programs are so confusing, especially the ones with the same name eg. Mount Sinai, etc..
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* Re:pathology application
  automatic - 02/10/19 11:37  
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* Re:pathology application
  alikhan121986 - 03/12/19 23:44
  i matched !! sorry for the late reply to this group. i hope more people would share their story as well. Waiting anxiously to see where i matched  
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