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* application date
  babesiosis - 09/10/18 22:05
  hi guys
is it late to apply for residency by October 25th?

can I upload my clinicql experience later on say by December
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* Re:application date
  kavya@4a1 - 09/12/18 12:19
  Try to submit your application before October, because most of the porgrams will be having deadlines for accepting the applications and programs look at the applications which submit first.  
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* Re:application date
  kindmd - 09/12/18 13:34
  You can apply now and may be have like an "incomplete" application..and when you get other documents, submit it then!  
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* Re:application date
  babesiosis - 09/14/18 00:55
  tnx guys
but currently have step n cs
taking ck in 2weeks
do I stand late ?
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* Re:application date
  kindmd - 09/14/18 16:22
  You can apply and have your scores uploaded later..tht's what usually AMGs do.
For IMGs they expect you have your scores in unless you in school?

r u in school?
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* Re:application date
  babesiosis - 09/14/18 17:45
  no am img
passed cs and step1
preparing ck
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* Re:application date
  kavya@4a1 - 09/15/18 12:08
  For IMGs it is better to have all the step scores before applying to the residency. It is tough to get matched. It will be better if you apply for match next season.  
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* Re:application date
  kindmd - 09/15/18 16:06
  if you an amg, you are good to go..i mean even if you apply later, programs will still take you..

the fact that u r an amg you already get an upper hand..
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* Re:application date
  babesiosis - 09/15/18 20:49
  applying October 21st is late?  
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* Re:application date
  lingala - 09/20/18 09:46
  @babesiosis It will tough to get more IVs because programs will be looking at the applications on the bases of First come first serve. Then your application may get filtered. Try to apply soon.  
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* Re:application date
  jussoju - 09/20/18 18:30
  Oct. 21st is way too late. It is better to submit an incomplete application on time and add scores later than an entire application being submitted late.  
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