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* old IMG ophthalmologist applying IM
  cyim - 09/12/18 02:15
I am an old IMG foreign ophthalmologist aplplying match now.
Because ophthalmology is very competitive, I plan to try IM or FM.
I still hesitate whether I write the real reason of choosing IM in personal statement or just write I love IM, etc.
Thank you in advance for any opinions.
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* Re:old IMG ophthalmologist applying IM
  mustafamustafamustaf - 09/12/18 16:50
  Don't be so honest. They already know why you are applying for a different field after all. But try to present yourself with your best. Show how much you like do this job. I am not in USA, but I learnt how they evaluate. Try to trick them. Try to show how much suitable you are for them.  
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* Re:old IMG ophthalmologist applying IM
  kcbutterfly228 - 09/16/18 18:13
  Iím in the same boat, did dermato-surgical path in Europe.
Applying to IM and FM programs.
I didnít write that I want to switch bc I know I have no other option and I wonít be able to do dermatology here. It is what it is.
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* Re:old IMG ophthalmologist applying IM
  nanaki - 09/16/18 19:19
  What do you think? It's obvious for them.
They need to know why you would be a better resident than a fresh "blank slate" graduate with similar scores and credentials. They need to know that you won't be a trouble maker or require more attention than your peers. And they would want a very honest reason for why this happens.

We know the truth and they do as well. You want to get in the system and practice medicine in the US, earn a doctor's salary and have the advantages of living here with the economic and social status of a physician. But you have to make it look good.

It can happen. I had co-residents that were trained as surgeons, pathologists and even a dermatologist in the past. The issue is that they demonstrated commitment through observer and voluntary work and truly demonstrated they were capable of adapting to the system.
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* Re:old IMG ophthalmologist applying IM
  mustafamustafamustaf - 09/17/18 11:18
  In most respects, to be a physician in USA is better than to be a physician anywhere in the world. So it does not matter how superb medical or surgical specialist you have been before.  
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* Re:old IMG ophthalmologist applying IM
  massachusset79 - 09/19/18 06:48
  i am in the same boat. please add me in Skype, we can share our experience. Skype id: bazouna79  
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