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* Any interview prep courses:
  jenny111 - 10/04/18 16:45
  Hi, can someone please recommend any good interview prep course online and also links to learn how to prepare for residency interview. Thanks.  
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* Re:Any interview prep courses:
  letmeinwillyou - 10/04/18 17:39
  Someone posted resources here:

I can personally vouch for as I prepared for my interviews with them and IMHO, they are worth every penny. I don't have experience with any other services so can't say about them if they are effective. Good luck with your interviews!
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* Re:Any interview prep courses:
  jenny111 - 10/04/18 22:31
  ok. Thank you.  
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* Re:Any interview prep courses:
  residencymatters1 - 10/06/18 01:13
  @letmeinwillyou, thank you for your kind words. If my memory serves me right, you matched in IM in NY?

@jenny111, I invite you to take your free Skype session and see for yourself. I would love to help you ace your residency interview.

There're other service providers out there but I feel that individual attention that we can give to candidates because we are a small outfit surpasses what's out there from other service providers.

Working with IMGs is our passion because it's in our DNA. IMGs are a hard working bunch and can excel with little bit of additional help in navigating the interview process which can be daunting for someone who has not gone through the process or doesn't have a lot of experience attending such interviews.

I wish you the best and may this be the year, you will be match in the program of your choice!

Residency Interview Preparation for IMGs
Claim your free session today at
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