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*  no invites
  hopeless2919 - 11/16/18 18:45
  middle of nov with no invites. anyone else in the same boat?  
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* Re: no invites
  kukal - 11/16/18 20:32
  @hopeless2919 I feel you! Same boat, same frustration, same depression! I have to accepted the fact that I won't get any this cycle so I am trying to take Step 3 next week and get it out of the way. The only thing you can do is focus on improving those factors that might have hurt your application ( obviously we can't change the USMLE scores) but focus on securing a rotation maybe at a teaching hospital. Remember you have to impress the right people!!! Keep your head up, you did everything you could!! This is not the end until you say so...  
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* Re: no invites
  hopeless2919 - 11/16/18 21:32

Im trying, but its so difficult. All this money spent is down the drain. Have to repeat it again next year and go through the same process :(

That is what im thinking too- start studying for step 3 in a few weeks. I really need money too. I just need to figure out work & study schedule and some how better my application. Its very tough. I wish we all get matched somewhere this cycle. It'll end the misery.
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* Re: no invites
  kukal - 11/16/18 21:42
  I am in the exact position. I know that the same stats for an IMG can grant an interview if US MD (not saying to be hateful but that's the way it is and the process it's so competitive). I want to do rotations but all of them are so expensive and can't afford to move across the country, pay rent, utilities and a super expensive rotation for 1 month. Try to get a job anywhere at a clinic near you. I worked full time during the entire USMLE prep and I know it's not easy. You have come this far, don't get discouraged trust me! There is always a way and the cycle is not over yet...If your scores are good start emailing programs. I honestly haven't been doing as I should since my step 1 is a mess and I am waiting to get my step 3 done and then call them!! Be proud of your self, you have come this far!!!  
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* Re: no invites
  hopeless2919 - 11/16/18 22:03
  My step 1 score was a disaster, perhaps thats the reason Im being filtered and no IV's. CK was ok, perhaps getting a decent score on step 3 will open to 1-2 IV's next year? idk, who knows? Youre right, the season isnt over yet. People still get IV's in Dec./Jan and still match with only 1 IV. Sigh...

Same situation as yourself. Cant afford to to jump city to city for rotations with no funds. I need a job asap, only then (next year) i'll start sorting my options.
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* Re: no invites
  kukal - 11/16/18 22:20
  Listen I am not saying we should just stop worrying about the situation or like just let it flow. Yes, Step 1 is my only red flag. Otherwise US-IMG, with ok Step 2, CS both first attempt. Extensive clinical experience in USA, got 4 LOR (3 strong, one whatever) but still nothing. At this point I am worried about it but in the same time as I mentioned I can't put my life on hold for this. Almost 30yrs old and I haven't done anything but work and study. SO right now, I want to appreciate the fact I made it this far, despite of what happens, that I am healthy and my family is ok. Everything else will eventually have a solution, trust me! When I say I have been through hell during my preparation, I mean it!! I never even imagined myself being where I am today but there I am. Just take a deep breath, trust God!!  
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* Re: no invites
  john004 - 11/16/18 22:45
  I am planning on taking Step 3 at the end of the month and hopefully that gets me interviews in January and February. Anyone else take step 3 this year and have it help the get IVs this year?  
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* Re: no invites
  hopeless2919 - 11/17/18 13:37

You're absolutely right. I too should start looking at the positive side of things or else it will internally destroy us. We all have worked super hard to reach this point. If not this year then next year it is. Hoping everything will fall in place. My credentials are same as yours except Im past my mid 30's.

John004: I have no idea. By the time i take step 3, it will be spring time. If I don't get any IV this cycle then the step 3 will be good for next cycle. Let see what others have to say on this.
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* Re: no invites
  kukal - 11/17/18 15:55
  Yes you should totally look at the positive side, no matter how small and insignificant may seem now. I have a friend who is +10yog, with attempt on each step and pretty much gave up 5 years ago. He started working other non-medical jobs to provide for his family. Of course keeping a positive attitude and strong will to work hard everytime, so at his current job his manager's husband happened to work for a FM residency program and saw his hard work and his great personality (yes it matters a lot) so she convinced him to apply this year. He got 2 interviews!!!! Can you believe it?!!! So my point is that there's gotta be a way, there is always a way just have to stay positive no matter what!!!  
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* Re: no invites
  hopeless2919 - 11/17/18 16:16
  OMG that's so inspirational. I have no words. Thats truly amazing and look how fast the cards turned for him. You're right, I just need to find a positive medium and stick with it. We've done our best and nothing can change our step scores and our transcript. All we can do is move forward and solidify our alternative plans until residency rolls around.  
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* Re: no invites
  kukal - 11/17/18 20:22
  @hopeless2919 I was so surprised too. The guy was working maintenance jobs, truck driving, for year since he gave up applying to residency. Scores are important but we can't change them at this point. What we can do is improve other parts of the applications to prove that that score or Step experience does not truly represent your knowledge or capabilities. Eventually it is important to impress the right people who can either offer you an interview or vouch for you to someone who can potentially invite you.  
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