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* Successful experience in matching after fired
  enchante - 11/18/18 09:56
  Guys, please share if anyone heard of img requiring visa matching after being terminated from residency even in specialties like pathology. My scores in Step 1 - 240s, CK - 250s, Step 3 - 230s. Please share any successful stories. I am willing to invest any amount of time if I can be sure if I have a chance to match again. Which specialty you guys suggest me to focus on? I already heard all the negative and demotivating suggestions. I am looking for successful experiences.  
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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  neurogirl91 - 11/18/18 11:39
  Depends on why youíre fired. You need a letter from your PD of your previous program to still advocate you and thatís the only way youíll have a chance. You can go into any specialty  
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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  kukal - 11/18/18 11:49
  I have no experience of this sort but obviously you have great score so your capabilities and knowledge are there. Now, if it was your personality, you didn't get along with other residents, you didn't show up on time or other reasons besides killing a patient, then I would assume you would have to start of by volunteering, maybe find a job of whatever kind just to prove that you have those skills. I worked with a doctor that was fired from IM residency and then she was able to get into a FM program next year. SO anything is possible, you just have to prove that you're past that now, you learned a lesson and moved on. Not to be ugly but this tells us a lesson too, that scores aren't everything. I am an IMG myself and have worked for the past 4 years. All the Doctors I have worked with told me one thing: The PD looks for someone who 1- get's along, 2-shows up on time, 3- doesn't look at the clock and doesn't slack of, 4- doesn't complain and is always eager to learn and go an extra mile and obviously someone who knows what he/she is doing hence why you were hired in the first place. So you know the reason why it happened, fix it and apply again. Yes it sucks but shit happens sometimes for our fault but don't let that determine your future.  
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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  enchante - 11/18/18 12:45
  Thank you, guys, for taking your time and helping me out. It means a lot. Coming to my story. I wanted share it with everyone so that my experience will be a lesson to the juniors out there. The reason for my termination is not being confident. I am an img who matched into a prestigious program where most of my colleagues are from iv league American and Canadian universities. I was under constant pressure to perform well and reach the program's high expectation. Most of the faculty in my program also are from great universities. When I got the interview I was never expecting I'ld receive an iv from this program. When I ranked the program high I never was expecting I would match here. But fortunately or unfortunately, I matched there. It was always a comparison with the AMGs. I don't want to say whether it is fair or unfair. My initial evaluations for a month or 2 struggled. I innately started feeling being cornered and targeted unnecessarily. It was a constant pressure and I am in a vicious cycle. I am not saying it is the program's fault. I just wanted to say that my choice was wrong. I got interviews from programs where all were imgs and those would have been a perfect choice for me to feel comfortable and to take the required time to adjust as the remaining imgs would be in the similar Phases. My termination happened solely because of this reason. My PD is a very kind person and always willing to help. He is in touch with me constantly and is trying to help. My suggestion to all imgs out there would be to pick a program where there are imgs especially the seniors who have been through a similar path like yours. Don't just rank a program high just because they are highly regarded unless you are a very confident person and have a strong belief in you that you can succeed when put in any situation. Residency is not just about scores, it requires a lot of resilience. Initially, I thought I would be able to handle but could not. So carefully choose a right fit!!

I am trying again and hoping to match at a program where I will be comfortable and give my 100%.
I would really appreciate if you guys can keep this post active and give me the needed confidence to continue again. Thank you.
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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  kukal - 11/18/18 13:06
  Thanks for sharing your story. Deep inside I figured it might be a reason of that kind. I totally understand what you are saying. Being an IMG comes with a baggage either we like it or not. There are so many liability questions when it comes to IMG (I am one myself btw), language barrier, ability to adapt in a new environment, ability to adapt with a new "culture". Believe me when I say I understand, I live in a state where they are very very few IMG, currently at my job they have never worked with a foreign person and the questions that I get are beyond imagination. I applied this year too but it's not going well and my only fear is that I would have to get a whatever program is offered to me, based on the fact that we truly need a job and want to start working as MD ASAP. That is my biggest fear! You are right, you should not be choosing by the prestige, name etc but truly evaluate the environment if you are going to fit in. I am going to a local FM in their didactic meetings, I thought this was a gold chance to get my foot in the door but after going there 3 times it discouraged me. The residents were always in a "junior high" competition, not getting along with each other so I stopped going. If it means I have to apply again next year then so be it. I don't want to be self trained in a program. I want someone to teach me. Keep your head up buddy!  
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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  enchante - 11/18/18 13:33
  Thank you, Kukal, for the inspirational words. Every word you say is well put and well thought of. I think you will do well. All you have to do is keep trying just like the way you do now. You said you are working for 4 years. Forget about the money or the comforts. Just remember how many patients you would have helped during this time? I think you already are an inspiration to many people and keep it this way. Don't look back. Don't 2nd judge yourself.

I wanted to tell you one more thing. Half of it has to do with our thinking as well. All that a program look for is a positive attitude and as you said being proactive and always keeping an impression that we are enthusiastic and eager to learn. But sometimes out there in the difficult pressurized situations, we are put in, it's hard to maintain it throughout. I matched into my first choice because of a reason. I know I am a well mannered and well-spoken person and during my interview both my interviewers adored me. They were very impressed and I could clearly see that they want me in their program. It felt pretty obvious. Because I was able to give my best personality as I am confident and the interviewers also put me at ease. But residency is different.

The bottom line is to try to match at a program where you will be an asset, a place where you are respected or learn to survive 3 years and move on.
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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  kukal - 11/18/18 13:53
  Thank you! I went through hell for real, but I don't complain and I believe everything happens for a reason. Always I went with the philosophy that if it was easy everyone would do it. There is a reason people give up trying, because it's hard and it makes you question your abilities as a person,as a future doctor, as healer for that matter. But trust me, 10 years form now, what happened to you to me today, this year, IT WILL MAKE SENSE. I don't know if you believe in God but all I can say is I am not a strong religious person, but I believe that God has plan and I have to follow it. I also believe that if you don't put the best of you, the hardest work, if you don't try then you will never know. I came from a tinny little European state that most people haven't heard of, I don't think any of the doctors in my hometown (not the state it self) have made it to come to the US and pass the USMLEs. Not that they are not smart but they don't believe in their capacity. Your termination happened for a reason beyond the real reason, it could have happened on your last year, after you would have put the best of your work. Turn every failure towards your advantage, make an awesome rise up! As you said, you got the job by your credentials, your skills, your capability.
This video is a little long but you should watch it!!
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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  lovelybellen - 11/24/18 10:51
  enchante, thank you for sharing your story.

I wonder, if your PD allowed you the opportunity to resign? I am not sure your experiences, whether the wording/semantics of termination or resignation differ when you IV with other programs?

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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  enchante - 11/25/18 17:52
  Hi, Kukal, thanks a lot for the motivational words. I definitely think it happened for a reason. Maybe a better program and better mentors awaiting me. In my past program, I could not look up to anyone to draw inspiration from, there were no true mentor figures, it was a boring and fearful journey which I was not proud of. Even if I continue the 2 more years, it would be the same, there is no encouraging environment there.
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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  enchante - 11/25/18 17:55
  I just hope some PD who could relate to my experience would call me for an interview.  
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* Re:Successful experience in matching after fired
  dr_bod - 11/26/18 11:48
  @enchante, I just want to echo what kukal has said. Never give up! This is your dream, you have worked extremely hard, taken all the necessary steps and scored even higher than most AMGs. So charge forth with courage and search for the right program and mentor. I wish you all the best!! We have all failed before in life, but the true test is how we bounce back and pick up ourselves from the humiliation and fear. Never give up!!! I don't know which specialty you matched in before but I think IM would be great for you or perhaps Psychiatry if you have any interest in it. Peace be unto you!  
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