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* Dont give up : advice from a struggling FMG
  pradoc - 11/21/18 14:32
  Having read a few posts in this forum in the last few weeks, I want to give some advice for those struggling like me.

Don't let this struggle make you forget that you are a trained physician, what does that entail - your years of hard work, your unique skill set should not go in despair? You are here for a purpose, and that makes this world a better place to live by making your contributions.

For some of us, this journey might take longer than expected but don't let that stop you from making your contributions in one way or the other.

Let me tell you my story

I am an FMG graduated in 2011, knew nothing about how the usmle process works and just screwed my step scores, gave up went into depression, but all this time I have been working helping patients and that helped me realize my real potential, dusted off started a new journey.

I came here as a student F1 for a clinical research program and struggled hard to find my breakthrough into clinical trials as a clinical research coordinator. It was the same struggle as getting a residency interview 600 email rejections before I landed in my first job and I currently work as a Clinical Research Scientist with a group of oncology physicians at a large academic institute running Clinical Trials.

My piece of advice to all those who at least don't need sponsorship is look for jobs in clinical research at academia, which will help with improving your cv, make connections, get publications, develop unique skill set of running clinical trials which will help you in the long run to be a physician investigator.

How to get such jobs?
Keep applying in the university career websites for relevant entry-level clinical research jobs, be active in LinkedIn, connect to clinical research professionals, recruiting agencies like Medix, Aerotek.

There is a whole new field of medical affairs, and clinical research which I feel has not been explored by physicians, which needs our expertise or at least contribution for useful therapeutic developments in Medicine.

For those requiring a visa, my advice is to enroll in such courses and keep working towards your goal. Why visa? I could only work since I had a valid student visa F1 CPT and OPT, and then H1 but otherwise no one would even care to give me a job. Unfortunately, that's the saddest part of requiring the visa in health care be it residency or health care related jobs.

I haven't yet matched this year but having gone through a lot has given me the strength and courage to handle unforeseen circumstances and inch towards my goal at the same time making my contributions to medicine in one way or other.

I hope that this helps and feel free to reach me if you need some help with guidance.

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* Re:Dont give up : advice from a struggling FMG
  peterh - 11/21/18 15:28
  hi @pradoc.

I have the same story but with multiple attempts.

iWork as clinical research cordinator in big institute.

Contact me at mhdamersoued @ gmail . com

lets go over this together.

Thanks for sharing your story;)
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* Re:Dont give up : advice from a struggling FMG
  hopeless2919 - 11/21/18 16:23
  Thank you for sharing your story and giving hope to students like myself. You are correct, we all have worked hard and have our own struggles. In the end, we have common goal to reach. Just have to continue to work hard and not give up.  
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* Re:Dont give up : advice from a struggling FMG
  struggling10 - 11/29/18 21:26
  Hi pradoc,

Iím also working in clinical research now. I took usmle exams but have very very low scores and have been applying for residency every year but no luck so far. Itís been 10 years since Iím struggling and now that I have chosen the clinical research career path, I would like to get some advice from you. Can I please have your email address, if you donít mind? Thank you!
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* Re:Dont give up : advice from a struggling FMG
  pradoc - 12/04/18 17:39
  Hi struggling 10 - feel free to reach me at  
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* Re:Dont give up : advice from a struggling FMG
  mashiull - 12/08/18 07:50
  How is mayo clinic research trainee or fellow position to hv impact in residency application?  
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* Re:Dont give up : advice from a struggling FMG
  docdocsun - 12/08/18 13:07
  You will be blessed and MATCH as your perseverance and belief shines through you. Dont give up!!!  
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